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“Brevian Energy is working diligently to bring cleaner, cheaper energy to businesses and organizations in every possible location. With the rising energy costs and ever-increasing uncertainty, we see more and more organizations moving toward a microgrid where they can get cost predictability and power resiliency all in one solution. The overwhelming majority of the projects that we deploy are financed with a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with NO upfront costs to the customer, which means that organizations don’t have to spend ANY money upfront, save at least a 3rd on their electricity payments, and would be protected from random power outages. The recent passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) provides additional incentives that can have as much as 60% of the project paid for through tax credits and incentives. This is a TOTAL win-win for all parties involved.”

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“Started in 2019, we wanted to create a company that could combine cutting-edge renewable energy products for our customers with a culture for our employees that was second to none. With our commitment to innovation, we have the experience and relationships with some of the most innovative renewable energy technology providers available in the world. “

Micro Grids powered by renewable energy sources are the ideal solution to bring resilient energy access to communities and businesses throughout the country. Furthermore, economic incentives such as the Investment Tax Credit, the Production Tax Credit, feed-in tariffs, net metering, and state renewable portfolio standards can be successful at bringing renewable energy generation online.

Micro Grid is merely a smaller scale version of the larger electrical grid that powers our country. The electrical grid exists to supply our electricity demand, connecting electrical supply to electrical demand with the transmission and distribution system. Micro grids works in the exact same way, just for a smaller geographic area, like a couple of buildings or a local community. To meet the electricity demands of its users, a Micro Grid must have a generation source. Traditionally, the electricity supplied to Micro Grids has historically been from “behind the meter” fossil fuel generators – gas-powered generators, for example. However, with the rapid advancement in renewable energy technologies, today’s Micro grids are being designed to supply electricity with a combination of various renewable generation sources, and can be combined with versatile energy storage solutions. At Brevian Energy, we are committed to fighting the effects of climate change and our mission is to bring affordable, reliable, renewable power to homes, businesses, and communities in every possible location.

Brevian’s continuous review will be adapted to community needs (i.e Disadvantaged and Low- to-Moderate Income)

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